Since 1970, we are committed to sustainability in all our operations by performing responsibly.




While ordinary plastic packaging materials decompose in the environment in anywhere from 100 to 1,000 years, the packaging materials used by Selpak are biodegradable and take only 1-5 years to decompose.


Always placing top priority on environmental protection, we have built the first manufacturing wastewater treatment plant in Gulf of İzmit in 1981, and the first domestic wastewater treatment plant in 1984. To this end, we have invested 2 million USD in 2009 to upgrade our current wastewater treatment plants. Moreover, as a result of our improvement efforts in the manufacturing processes, we have reduced our water consumption per unit of paper production by 40% in the last 10 years. We recycle the residual waste paper generated by our manufacturing operations while reducing the fiber containing waste by 50% through the improvements we introduced. We dispatch two-thirds of our waste to licensed recyclers and the rest to licensed disposal facilities.


Our energy conservation efforts since 2005 under the leadership of the Energy Committee have been rewarded in December 2011 with the ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems Certification. Our energy conservation activities as part of our continuous improvements have resulted in a 28% decrease in electricity consumption, 15% decrease in natural gas consumption, 13% decrease in steam consumption per unit of paper production during the last ten years.


We source 100 percent of the cellulose, the raw material of our tissue products, from independently certified suppliers who are experts in sustainable forest management. Under Sustainable Forestry Management, the wood, the raw material of cellulose, is sourced from legally operated industrial forests where multiple trees are planted for every tree used.
İpek Kağıt has obtained FSC CoC (FSC Chain of Custody) Management System certificate in December 2015. We will be happy to provide information on our FSC certified products upon request.