• 02.06.2016
  • 10.05.2016

    New Silen Perfumed Toilet Paper has been launched!

    Silen is expanding its product portfolio with two new perfumed toilet papers: Silen Floral Dream and Spring Freshness. Let their pastel colors appeal to your eyes while you enjoy fresh spring and charming flower scents in your bathroom. Awaken your senses with Silen Perfumed!

  • 20.10.2015

    New Silen meets consumers all over the world!

    Silen, with its new look and complete portfolio is the right choice for consumers who desire quality at an affordable price. New Silen range includes 100% cellulose products in toilet paper, paper towel, napkin, facial tissue and hanky categories. Click here to learn more about our new global brand, Silen!

  • 29.03.2015

    Selpak is the first choice of Ukranian and Kazakh consumers!

    Selpak brand has been selected as “Choice of the Year” in two of its most important markets, Ukraine and Kazakstan. “Choice of the Year” is a reputable award in these countries and the winners are selected by both consumers’ preference and experts’ opinion. Selpak is proud to receive this medal as it underlines the appreciation for the quality of Selpak by consumers. The award gives Selpak a major drive to continue to offer the best quality products to the Ukrainian and Kazakh markets and reach an ever increasing number of consumers.

  • 29.03.2015
  • 29.03.2015

    Selpak Baby Wet Wipes provide you the most natural products with superior Selpak quality!

    Selpak Baby Wet Wipes enable you to be in total control of your baby’s hygiene and health. Specially developed for the baby skin, Selpak Baby Wet Wipes are natural, soft, bulky, pH balanced and are free of additives allowing you to clean your baby safely. The sheets feature a honeycomb texture for better cleaning performance and the packages have a user-friendly cap that is easy to open with one hand.

  • 29.03.2015

    Perfume freshness in your bathroom

    Selpak’s Lavender, Ocean and Powder scented toilet papers create an elegant atmosphere in your bathroom with their decorative colours and stimulate your senses with fresh fragrances. Selpak Perfumed Toilet Paper Series is available in 4,8 and 12 rolls options.