In 1970, a whole new page has opened in our country in terms of contemporary living. Our customers have met and enjoyed modern tissue paper products that were so far non-existent in the marketplace. The use of İpek Kağıt products, including the prestigious Selpak and Solo brands, has rapidly become widespread, and it has since become an indispensable part of our homes and businesses. The history of the tissue paper industry in Turkey is actually the story of İpek Kağıt and innovation...

We, members of İpek Kağıt family, place top priority on “Innovation leadership” , a principle embedded in our organizational genes. Based on sustainable development principles, we embrace innovation as a highest priority strategic process, and treat it with a well-planned, systematic, participative and engaging management approach.

We know that we need to offer pioneering, differentiated and sustainable products and services to gain a competitive edge in response to today’s easily accessible, unlimited capital and technology.

In the past, innovation had been implemented only in R&D departments and for the sole purpose of developing new products. We know that innovations don’t happen by coincidence or pure chance. Therefore, we design innovation as a process that is disciplined and can be replicated. We believe that any new product, service or process that enhances our company’s competitive edge and creates value means “innovation”. To succeed in innovation, we aim to make a difference by focusing on the creation of products and services that not only surpass our customers’ expectations but also create value for them. We adopt the “value innovation” approach with the consumer at the centre. Hence, we spend more time with our consumers to observe them better and understand perfectly what shapes their habits and behaviours.

İpek Kağıt has always been an advocate for continuous improvement and change. Recognizing the need to differentiate oneself in order to gain competitive advantage, it has made innovation a part of its corporate culture.

Innovation Awards

  • Yalova Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Innovation Grand Prize (2010)
  • Istanbul Chamber of Industry Innovation Prize- Leadership and Business Results (2009)
  • Istanbul Chamber of Industry Sustainable Product Runner-Up Prize – Selpak Toilet Paper (2011)

Packaging Awards

  • Selpak toilet paper -Biodegradable Packaging
  • Solo Mini toilet paper
  • Selpak Triangle Shaped Facial Tissue Box
  • Selpak Facial Tissue Box- New Year Design
  • Selpak Lotioned Handkerchief pack with a mirror
  • Solo Squeezed toilet paper